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Swedish A1- 

Distance + online classes


Lenth: 10 weeks course on distance.

Level: From level A0 - level A1 in 10 weeks.

How? By following our course-plan

Price: 4240SEK



If you are a beginner in Swedish, I would say that this distance course is a good start for you!

10 online-classes á 60 minutes, written material, audio and videolessons - are included in the price.

You will have an exam at the end of the course (Optional).

A successful completion of the course will give you a Diploma for level A1 in Swedish.  Once having completed this first Course level A1, you can easily continue to the next level (A2), being a private student already.

One module per week will be sent to you via email/on your course-platform and you will have one tuition/week with me online. Written material, video-lessons, sound-files and continuous response are included in the course. The price for 10 weeks distance course + online classes and all material included: 4240 SEK.

You pay the application fee: 250 SEK via Swish to number: 0046736990336, or via PayPal, (see the web-site) when applying for the course. Please send the receipt for the registration fee to Your Swedish Teacher via e-mail:, and your application will be registered! 

We´lll confirm the payment and inform you about your start date,  It will take 2-3 weeks from the confirmation of the application until start date of the tuition. The remaining part of the course-fee: 3990 SEK must be paid before your start date.

1. Sign up by sending an interest notification via:

2. Pay 250 Swedish kronor SEK via Swish or Pay Pal (on the web-site). 

3. You will be notified at the start date of your lessons within two weeks of payment of the registration fee.

4. Pay the remaining part of the course-fee 1940 SEK.

You can add extra lessons, if you wish. The price for extra lessons is 490 SEK during the 10 weeks period of the distance course.  (The normal price is 690 SEK/h.)



Irene Berkan,

Degree of Master of Education

Creative Director

Owner of L2 Language Studio

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