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Läs efter mig!

Read after me!







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Gemen/liten bokstav



A O U Å  -  E  I  Y Ä Ö



Stor bokstav / liten bokstav:                    


Hej, jag heter Irene och bor i Stockholm.

Använd stor bokstav i början av meningen och på namn (Irene, Stockholm).





Comments in English

Practice the vowels as much as you can!  Record yourself and compare the sound with the sound on this page. You can also look at the video UTTAL ONLINE 1 - VOKALERNA och UTTAL ONLINE 2 - LÅNG OCH KORT VOKAL.

You can also send your recording to me, and I will listen to your pronounciation and give you sincere feedback. 


The vowels are the base in both speaking and spelling Swedish. Do always return to this page and practice. My absolute best advise here is to return to the vowels and repeat after the recording, although perhaps you are far above level A1.


Even at the level C2, it is necessary to check your pronunciation of the vowels.

Nex step is the long and short sound. ( You will practice that with me on UTTAL ONLINE 2.



Keep up the good work!





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